SNHU Insights
14 Apr 2013

Meeting Students’ Needs with New Programs

SNHU prides itself on providing a great variety of flexible, affordable, high-quality online programs that serve working adults who already are juggling personal and professional responsibilities. As educators, we’re always looking for ways to help people gain the knowledge and...
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13 Apr 2013

Welcome to Insights

Dear readers, We in SNHU’s College of Online and Continuing Education are proud of our efforts to make higher education accessible and affordable for everyone. We work constantly to provide all students with a rigorous academic experience and the tools they will need to succeed...
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12 Apr 2013

Significant Student Savings

An increasing amount of attention is being paid nationally to the spiraling costs of higher education, with college becoming increasingly out of reach financially for many students. SNHU takes this concern very seriously and is continuously exploring ways to keep higher education...
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10 Apr 2013

A Strategy for Success

Enriching the First-Year Experience At SNHU, we believe that our success is measured by our students’ successes. That conviction guides the work of COCE’s First Year Experience team, which is dedicated to finding ways to help students thrive in their courses and meet the level of...
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08 Apr 2013

Ensuring Quality

SNHU is proud to offer high-quality, academically rigorous online programs that provide immediate value to students as they seek to advance professionally and academically. Assessing and improving program quality is a key focus in the College of Online and Continuing Education,...
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07 Apr 2013

Upgrading Learning Management

Keeping pace with technology, especially when you have thousands relying on current systems, must be approached with caution as well as enthusiasm. Such has been the case as the College of Online and Continuing Education explored an upgrade of our learning management system (LMS)...
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06 Apr 2013

Learning Tools for Student Success

Keeping courses engaging, finding innovative ways to enhance learning, offering timely feedback and empowering students to master concepts are key tenets of learning at COCE. The Course Development team is always looking for ways to improve our courses to enrich the student...
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05 Apr 2013

Learning for Life: The New GenEd Core

Educators are all too familiar with the question: But what does this have to do with real life? SNHU is answering this question with the new 45-credit undergraduate General Education Core, which maps course work to learning outcomes that translate into high-demand skills student...
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04 Apr 2013

Faculty Spotlight

Peg Donahue Peg Donahue has enjoyed a varied career as an entrepreneur, a direct marketer, an author (“Dorm Room Feng Shui,” 2005), a consultant and a teacher. Formerly an adjunct, she will continue teaching OL 125 Human Relations in Administration for SNHU as one of the...
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Kevin Wheeler, student
04 Apr 2013

Student Spotlight

Kevin Wheeler A father of two daughters who lives in North Oxford, Mass., Kevin Wheeler is earning his Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology online. He plans to continue his education at SNHU with a major in Web Design and Development. An employee in the IT...
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