SNHU Insights
31 Dec 2014

High Flyers: Helping First Year Students Succeed

By Katharine Webster It’s the trip of a lifetime! You consult a travel agent, decide where to go and buy your ticket. The day of your flight you arrive at the airport, pass through passenger screening and board your plane. The plane pulls away from the gate, taxis down the runway...
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27 Dec 2014

Success Stories

By Hattie Bernstein What does success look like? At SNHU it looks like Mona Jalilzadeh, a 2014 graduate of the master’s in IT program who landed her dream job in a top software company; like Jose Raposo, an MBA student acing one course a term and aligning his progress with his...
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25 Dec 2014

A Note from Steve

At SNHU, we have one focus: Supporting our students in the successful pursuit of their educational goals. Our mission is to provide our students with a high-quality education and an unparalleled level of service and support. Our students often describe SNHU as a place where they...
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21 Dec 2014

Connecting the Dots

By Susannah Foley It turns out, if you build it, students will come. Really come. Since launching SNHUconnect two years ago, 30,000 online undergrad and graduate students have logged on to the social media platform and nearly 9,000 are regular users. “Our idea was to create a...
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19 Dec 2014

Students in Service

By Jane Harrigan All COCE students essentially have two majors, school and life. Course work, job, family, friends, home — that’s a lot of plates to keep spinning. But some COCE students also happily spin another one: community service. For these active volunteers, success means...
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17 Dec 2014

Faculty Spotlight

In Their Words COCE is committed to providing students with an excellent academic experience that includes high-quality courses and academic support. Our adjunct faculty have a critical impact on the student experience. Students share how faculty members have played a role in...
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15 Dec 2014

Nursing Success

By Eric Baxter, COCE Advisor There is no simple answer to who is a Southern New Hampshire University nursing program student, according to Nursing and Health Professions Executive Director Sherrie Palmieri. Like the field, the students are diverse and come from different...
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13 Dec 2014

Flavor of New Hampshire: Skiing

By Kirstan Lukasak, M.A. in English and Creative Writing Student Skiing in New Hampshire is a deep-rooted tradition. From hosting the oldest ski club in America to making skiing the official state sport, New Hampshire celebrates its skiing heritage and offers some of the best...
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One Stop: What a difference six months makes.
13 Dec 2014

One Stop Step-Up

By Hattie Bernstein What a difference six months makes. In June, One Stop’s financial aid office began making changes at its call centers. By November, Tim Lehmann, vice president of Enrolled Student Services, and his team of managers, team leaders and Enrolled Student Services...
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03 Dec 2014

Five Questions with Matt Rand

By Troy Osenkarski, B.A. in English Language and Literature Student Five Questions is a regular feature in which we interview a College of Online and Continuing Education staff member. In this issue we talked with Director of Enrollment Operations Matt Rand. What does your job...
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